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Creating awareness and fostering holistic health for everyone is our vision for the future. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to craft experiential learning hand in hand with AI technology. We believe “wellness is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit”.

Digital Wellness – The next frontier of  Artificial Intelligence

The symbiosis of knowledge and technology to foster wellness.

Physical activities like aerobics, yoga, swimming or cycling, are not the only constituents of holistic wellness. In fact, today’s lifestyles may have improved in terms of luxury and infrastructural facilities, however, all of us are addicted to our professions, and are always in search of greener pastures. 

Being ambitious is healthy, being stressed is not. The toxins we absorb, are one too many in terms of stress, pollution, ordered take-aways and lack of personal discipline. In such a toxic environment, highly intensive physical activities do more harm than good to one’s health. Physical activities contribute to good health, in clean bodies. After all, these activities promote and nurture what is inside, good nutrition or toxic.

Physical, mental and spiritual health, all of them are critical to holistic wellness. At digital wellness and healthcare, we promote experiential learning to promote awareness on all the above mentioned health factors and methods that you can use to correct the imbalances in today’s lives. We take a well-rounded holistic approach to well-being, by holistic, we mean, physical, mental and soulful wellbeing that will not only extend longevity but also ensures quality of life.

As a part of this approach, we also create and promote therapeutic apps, which are capable to gauging your mood, stress levels by reading vital signs. In turn, apps like ‘echo’ create formulated playlists, using artificial intelligence based self-learning algorithms that use customised music to alleviate stress and promote mental and soulful well-being. 

Did you know that our emotions are very similar to ‘sapta swaras’ or the 7 octaves of music? A combination of these swaras or octaves depending on your mood contributes greatly to music therapy. No wonder, then, most of us want to listen to songs or music depending on our mood, however, this is not highly effective, since it is not structured to systematic musicology which is integrated into our therapeutic apps.

Conceptualised and created with innumerable man-years of experience, after trying tons of research algorithms and studies by many well-known experts in related domains, our idea of holistic wellness has finally come to fruition, and we are proud and happy to offer you the world’s first truly holistic wellness program, at your fingertips. We hope that you will make the most of it to enhance your quality of living and longevity.

The ‘echo’ medical is getting ready to drive better wellness results. Designed for hospital, wellness centres, and gymnasiums, this will be a leap forward in medical history.

Just awareness about holistic wellness will not help unless preachings are put into practice. We hope you will see the importance of it and keep bettering it with out help.

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