‘echo’ – The next frontier in music therapy

DigiNxtHlt Solutions LLP, today announced ‘echo’ – an AI based marvel which takes the music therapy experience to new levels as a wellness tool. The ‘echo’ app is built on artificial intelligence technology to gauge and measure moods, stress, and anxiety levels, and deliver customised music playlists to alleviate the condition, ushering in emotional wellness to boost confidence, performance and energy levels.

“Music therapy is more about empathy than entertainment. It slips past pain points and can help gather insights to fix the mind. Music being the only art that goes beyond science, the symbiosis of artificial intelligence and music can well surpass one’s anxiety or stress levels, and take holistic wellness to a new level. It is the only art form that can break through the impenetrable walls of Autism, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.”, says Ms.Sujatha Visweswara, CEO and Co-founder at DigiNxtHlt LLP.

‘echo’ has taken 3 years to build with the help of  myriad number of data scientists, AI engineers, musicians, artists, psychologists and  analysts. ‘echo’ is the result of 2768 carefully invested people-years by our global panel of science, domain and technology experts, an average of 27 human lifetimes spent over the course of 3 years.

‘echo’ will be available starting [availability date]. More information

At DigiNxtHLt LLP, our quest to craft a system that could one day become everyone’s companion to holistic audiology remains ceaseless. In elevating it further over time, in delivering wellness day-after-day, and help improve quality of lives.