e c h o care

A Holistic Wellbeing aid

Human body responds to music in a manner that it relieves psychological as well as physiological stress in a natural way. Not all music, but therapeutic music designed for the very purpose. echo care is designed to do just that.

How ‘echo care’ helps?

Echo care is a one-of-its-kind therapeutic app designed for healthcare facilities, wellness centres, gymnasiums, and fitness clubs. It relieves you from the tiredness and cognitive inertia caused by both psychological and physiological stress. The result is a remarkable alleviation of mood and senses, de-stressing and getting a human being into a physical and mental condition of holistic wellness.

Even surgeons have turned to music to relieve stress in an operating room, and extended music to patients to help accomplish improved wellness. In the past few decades, music based therapy played its part, with a heightened role in almost all facets of therapeutic de-stressing. Guided and recommended by healthcare professionals, echo care is complimentary and restorative to anyone undergoing a health crisis.

echo care – A Holistic Wellbeing aid

Being sick is not alluring at all. Add to the stress of medications, doctors, pathological state and work take their toll. Being in a healthcare facility comes with its own risks, not only for the ill but also for the family. And the financial matters have their own toll to claim. With such tremendous stress all around, getting back to normal could take more time than expected. The impact of treatment in a healthcare facility is overall, tremendous and resource-sapping for the entire family of the sick. Would removing stress from the equation help?

Yes, it helps. Without the stress, remedying a pathological condition is easier and faster. It is a well-proven fact over time past that music, along with medication, works wonders in fostering holistic wellness in a sped up manner. Irrespective of the condition, if the treatment works faster and without stress, it is a win-win for everyone involved. 

In short, a human body responds to music in a manner that it relieves psychological as well as physiological stress in a natural manner. Not all music, but therapeutic music designed for the very purpose.

How ‘echo care’ works? 

‘echo care’ focuses on assuaging health, with music designed, curated, and elevated by experts and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technology. It uses generative and self-learning algorithms to assess moods and stress levels. ‘echo care’ formulates playlists for you from a vast and growing collection, connecting the physical, cognitive needs. It amalgamates this self-learned knowledge across a wide variety of musical styles and genres combined with neurological elements and logically finds the specific kind suited to the purpose.

The ‘echo care’ story

With a myriad number of data scientists, AI engineers, healthcare professionals, dieticians, musicians, artists, psychologists and analysts, and an innumerable number of trials, ‘echo care’ has grown to cater to the healthcare and fitness domain. At last count, ‘echo care’ results from 2768 carefully invested people-years by our global panel of science, domain and technology experts. An average of 27 human lifetimes spent over the course of 3 years. We are very proud of it!

A truly massive quantum of data structures, akin to multi-class neural networks in a human brain, has gone into creating ‘echo care’. And, the count is continuously growing, just like the human brain. ‘echo care’ integrates to self learn continuously from your daily use and interactions with it, tailoring the music to suit your needs. 

Our quest to craft a system that could one day become everyone’s companion to holistic audiology remains ceaseless. In elevating it further over time, in delivering you wellness day-after-day, and helping you improve your quality of life. 

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